05/05/2013 07:04 am ET | Updated May 05, 2013

Michael Silber's 'Kaleidopope' Is An Insanely Awesome Interactive Digital Artwork Inspired By The Papal Election

Michael Silber

Michael Silber's hilariously awesome "Kaleidopope" is like a visit to the Vatican Museum on acid. Scroll over his interactive work on his website to see popes past whirl by in dazzling geometrical patterns.

"I cherish any opportunity to make a bad pun, especially if I can develop the idea visually," Silber wrote in an email to The Huffington Post about his work, which was inspired by the election of Pope Francis.


Silber is a design student at Pratt Institute, and "Kaleidopope" is part of his "Digital Humor Theory" thesis, which in his words, explores "how humor emerges and is experienced in digital media."

(H/T: ANIMAL New York)

Do you get a kick out of "Kaleidopope"? Check out the slideshow below to see detailed stills of Silber's brilliant visual pun.

Michael Silber's Kalidopope