Adam Barnes Allegedly Assaults Ghostbuster, Stormtrooper At Comic Book Store

05/06/2013 10:20 am ET | Updated May 06, 2013
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A man from Portland, Maine, interrupted one store's Free Comic Book Day celebration when he threw a Ghostbuster to the ground and punched a Stormtrooper.

Police Tasered Adam Barnes, 31, on Saturday afternoon outside Coast City Comics after he allegedly assaulted the two costumed men, WCVB reported.

Bobby Dagget, a witness dressed as the Green Lantern, told Bangor Daily News that Barnes tried to put the Stormtrooper in a chokehold while yelling obscenities at everyone else.

“I didn’t think it was malicious [at first]," Dagget said. "I thought they were messing around."

Portland police found Barnes a block away from the comic book store, Lt. Gary Hutcheson told the paper. It's unclear what started the civil war, but Barnes was reportedly intoxicated and taunted officers.

Barnes was charged with assault, refusing arrest, disorderly conduct, and criminal threatening, according to Cumberland County Sheriff's Office. As of Saturday night, he remained in jail.


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