05/06/2013 09:14 am ET | Updated Apr 13, 2015

20 Ways To Make Better Hummus

James Ransom/Food52

Hummus just might be the greatest culinary gift from the Middle East. It's creamy and smooth, and can easily be used to top just about everything. But what we like most about hummus is that it tastes just as rich as ranch dressing, but it's so much better for you -- healthy even. It's no wonder that America has become obsessed with this chickpea spread.

As much as we like hummus in its original recipe, sometimes -- just sometimes -- we get a little tired of it. That's why we searched and gathered 20 different ways to make this dip -- so you never have to go a day without it. Some of the hummus recipes below play it fairly straight and then others go bold with the use of beets or edamame. Our advice to you: try them all.

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Chickpea Recipes
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