Here's a little guy who is so over his sister's crying.

This video comes to you courtesy of the YouTube channel ToddleTale. The star of the clip holds it together for a while, but eventually his sister's incessant bawling next to him starts to take its toll.

First, he shoots her annoyed glances, and then he tugs on his collar. Finally, he reaches his breaking point and starts pawing at the door handle. His adorable face is clearly saying, "Mom, get me out of here!"

(Hat tip, MSN)

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via Reasons My Son Is Crying Tumblr
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  • We would not let him drive this Porsche.

  • This cat is helping him finish his mashed potatoes.

  • I wouldn’t let him demo (destroy) all the items in this Apple Store.

  • We took away his baby powder.

  • We introduced him to his older brother for the first time.

  • He is shopping for mango juicers at Bed Bath and Beyond. With Fabio.

  • I sneezed.

  • I wouldn’t let him get a tattoo.

  • Her mother didn’t pick her up quickly enough.

  • I wouldn’t let him play in the knife drawer.

  • He is done with lunch.

  • We let him play on the grass.

  • He wasn’t allowed to scald himself with hot tea.

  • I wouldn’t let him play with the knife I used to cut the sandwich…that he threw on the floor.

  • We gave him delicious pudding.

  • I made him the jam sandwich he wanted.

  • He was thirsty. I shared my juice with him.

  • The neighbor’s dog isn’t outside.

  • I washed the dirt and sand off his pear.

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