From work obligations to play dates, doctor's appointments and so much more, busy moms have a lot on their plates. But according to a new survey, many are having trouble juggling their parenting responsibilities with a risqué extra curricular activity -- infidelity.

Of 15,000 cheating mothers polled by infidelity site, one in five said they've found themselves in a "sticky situation" while trying to balance motherhood with an affair.

But that's not all. In a press release published Tuesday, the site also revealed that they typically see the highest spike in female signups on the day after Mother's Day. In 2012, they saw a whopping 439 percent increase on that day as compared to a typical Monday.

"Mother's Day tends to magnify the flaws, leads to questions about the choices you have made, and ultimately fosters conclusions around doing something different for yourself," explains Ashley Madison founder and CEO Noel Biderman. "This latter choice tends to be the genesis of many women's journey into an affair."

Click through the slideshow below for five more eye-opening findings from Ashley Madison's survey:

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  • Of the 15,000 mothers polled, 67 percent reported that they have taken a call from their lover in front of their child.

  • Fity-six percent reported that they have been late to pick their child up from sports, school, a play date, etc.

  • Twenty-nine percent of the moms polled admitted to changing their child's plans in order to accommodate a rendezvous.

  • Four percent of moms polled said that they have introduced their child to their lover under a false pretense.

  • The survey found that 2 percent of moms have been caught by their child in a compromising position.

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