05/07/2013 02:51 pm ET

Jon Stewart Walks Three-Legged Dog, Champ, Melts Our Hearts (PHOTOS)

We thought we couldn't like Jon Stewart any more -- until now.

"The Daily Show" host was spotted walking his three-legged dog, Champ, in New York City Sunday.

Stewart, who also rescued two other pit bulls, is known for his love of canines. Though "The Daily Show" began welcoming dogs into its office before Stewart's tenure, as Bark magazine reports, the workplace has since become a "dog nirvana" with a dozen or so pups roaming the premises on any given day.

Stewart's days at "The Daily Show" may be numbered now that's he has announced he will take time off to direct a feature film, but hopefully the show will remain a dog-friendly workplace.

See the heartwarming photos of Stewart walking his dog in the gallery below.

Jon Stewart Walks Three-Legged Dog Champ

(Hat tip, BuzzFeed)