Orlando Franklin Pied By Eric Decker: Peyton Manning Helps Prank Broncos Lineman (VIDEO)

05/09/2013 03:32 pm ET

Orlando Franklin has been a Denver Broncos offensive lineman for the past two seasons, but 330-pound right tackle made a rookie mistake when his teammates pulled out their cell phones to capture his on-air interview during a recent Rockies game.

The Denver Broncos were in attendance at Coors Field when Franklin agreed to an TV interview with Jenny Cavnar of Root Sports during the Rockies broadcast. However, the hulking lineman failed to realize that his teammates were smiling and recording the interview for a completely different reason.

As Franklin described his first experience at the ballpark, wide receiver Eric Decker pied him right in the face without warning. The mastermind behind it all? None other than noted team prankster Peyton Manning.


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