05/10/2013 11:41 am ET

Lindsay Lohan's Movie Moms: Their Advice To Her Characters

Lindsay Lohan is serving a 90-day rehab sentence on lockdown, so she may not be able to spend Mother's Day with mom Dina, who blames her ex-husband, Michael, for Lindsay having to complete rehab in California rather than closer to home in New York. Earlier this year, Dina told the New York Daily News that Lindsay is "screwed up" because as a child she saw Michael abuse Dina. In 2011, the mother and daughter were spotted making out at Dina's 49th birthday party.

Lindsay's family may not be the best source of support right now, but the actress has had her share of strong and loving — if sometimes nutty — onscreen moms. Here they are, along with some motherly words they gave her characters.

Lindsay Lohan's Movie Moms


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