Onstage Attacks: Justin Bieber And 9 Other Musicians Targeted While Performing

05/10/2013 05:50 pm ET | Updated May 19, 2013
AP/Getty Images

Live shows are the prime opportunity for fans to get some facetime with their favorite musicians -- but some inevitably get a little too close. The phenomenon happens all too often: an overzealous concertgoer rushes the stage or hurls something at the performer, sparking upheaval among the crowd and endless replays around the web.

The most recent example came May 6 when a Justin Bieber fan rushed the stage in what was later said to be an attempt to hug the 19-year-old singer.

It wasn't the first time a fan majorly overstepped concert decorum. Here's a look at 10 anxious fans who found it impossible to keep their love contained.

Musicians Assaulted Onstage While Peforming

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