12 Reasons Why Pink Is The Effing Coolest

05/10/2013 05:24 pm 17:24:57 | Updated Jul 25, 2013

In the May issue of Glamour, cover girl Pink tackles a myriad of topics (reclaiming the word "slut," her daughter's first F-bomb) with her trademark candor, also making the revelation that erstwhile 'NSyncer Joey Fatone "was in love with me." We'll admit that we too have long harbored a crush on the singer. Here's why.

pink truth about love Sometimes there's an exclamation mark in her name.

pink She's awesome at acrobatics.

pink carey hart She proposed to motocross star Carey Hart by holding up a "Will You Marry Me?" sign at one of his races.

pink so what She released a breakup song about Hart, got back with him, and still scored a hit single.

pink She paid tribute to her late bulldog Elvis with a tattoo of his likeness.

pink willow Her daughter Willow looks like she knows how to have fun.

pink bikini She has a killer body. pink She is seriously flexible.

description of gif Her lyrics are honest.

pink She fought Christina Aguilera's manager to sing the high notes in "Lady Marmalade."

pink She can pull off this hat.

pink She's proved more stable than some of her contemporaries.

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