05/13/2013 12:12 pm ET

John Tortorella Game 6 Postgame Conference: 'Holy Crap Give Me Another Question Please' (VIDEO)

It's simple. If you're a reporter at John Tortorella's postgame press conference and you say something that's not in the form of a question, he is not going to answer it.

One member of the media didn't follow that rule at the New york Rangers coach's postgame presser on Sunday following his team's Game 6 victory over the Washington Capitals.

When the reporter said "talk about coaching during the playoffs," Tortorella quickly cut him off and told him to ask a question.

"Don't say 'talk about it.' Ask me a question please. Because I'm not going to talk about it if it isn't a question," he said.

Later, Tortorella didn't seem satisfied with another reporter's question and said, "Holy crap give me another question please."

At least he said please.

CLICK HERE to listen to the full 4:14 postgame press conference.



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