HARLEYVILLE, S.C. -- An 80-year-old South Carolina double-amputee has died from his injuries after he was dragged from his wheelchair and attacked by four dogs, authorities said Tuesday.

Carlton Freeman of Harleyville was driving his motorized wheelchair on May 8 when he was attacked, said Maj. John Garrison, a spokesman for the Dorchester County Sheriff's Department.

An incident report said Freeman told authorities that he was pulled from his wheelchair during the attack in the community about 50 miles northwest of Charleston. He said dogs were biting him and pulling on his clothes.

Coroner Chris Nesbit said Tuesday that Freeman, who had both legs amputated at the knee from an injury years ago, died Sunday of the injuries in the dog attack.

"Upon my examination of Mr. Freeman, it is a wonder that this gentleman was able to hang on as long as he did," Nesbit said in a statement. "He had bites and lacerations from his legs to the top of his head. This is very sad story, but even worse that Mr. Freeman was basically helpless to the attack, due to being a bi-lateral amputee."

Garrison said that officers captured three of the four dogs. They have been taken to an animal shelter while deputies are still trying to locate the fourth.

A police report said three of the dogs belonged to a woman in the neighborhood and there were traces of blood found on them. Authorities have not made any arrests.

It's the second fatal dog mauling in the county in a little over a year.

In April 2012, a 2-month-old child was killed and dismembered by a dog in his family's home as his father slept in a nearby room. The family dog pulled the child from where is sat in a baby swing.

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