05/14/2013 09:14 am ET | Updated May 14, 2013

Jon Stewart Reacts To Bill O'Reilly Criticism (VIDEO)

On Monday's "Daily Show," host Jon Stewart said he "caught a little flack" last week from his "TV husband and weekend squash partner Bill O'Reilly."

O'Reilly called out the Comedy Central host for citing a University of Maryland study that found during George W. Bush's presidency, U.S. diplomatic targets were attacked more than 50 times, resulted in 13 American deaths. Only three cases were brought before Congressional hearings.

O'Reilly said that when one "studies the study, many of the cited attacks" occurred in Iraq during the war. "That is true," Stewart said, "if by many you mean eight."

He added, "Eight out of 54—how is that many? By that math, you Bill O'Reilly, have many viewers who are not bedridden and catheterized."

Your move, O'Reilly.


Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart