The kind of person who finds a pit bull kissing booth appealing -- and, for the record, we at HuffPost DC are those kinds of people -- should get ready for an event coming about a year from now that's going to knock your socks off.

pit bull kissing booth

Rebecca Corry, actress, comic and pit bull lover, was at the Arlington Cinema & Draft House last weekend performing her "Stand Up For Pits" comedy show/animal rescue fundraiser.

Before the show, Corry spent time exploring D.C. In front of the White House, she took this photo of her dog, Angel, who, at shows, is the animal trading dollars for smooches:

one million pibble march

Corry says when she saw how excited people became seeing this photo being taken, it got her thinking that when she came back to D.C. in May, 2014 to put on "Stand Up For Pits" here for the second time -- the show's also been performed in Los Angeles and Seattle, among other places -- she should also try to get a whole lot of other pit bull enthusiasts to join her there in front of the home of the president.

"I was like, why don't I organize a march on Washington?" says Corry.

The plans are still very much in their incubation stage. But what Corry has in mind, so far, is -- kissing booth aside -- "to keep the march old school," she says. "A podium/soap box where people could speak the truth and tell their stories. Celebrites, athletes, comics, actors, musicians and everyone whose lives have been changed by the love of a pibble."

If you are one of those whose lives has been changed by a pibble, you probably already know what a pibble is. In case you aren't: it's an affectionate term for pit bulls, meant to indicate that these dogs are -- here's Corry talking again -- "intelligent, kind, loving, loyal and gentle."

The One Million Pibble March is designed to bring breed awareness to the greater public and to protest against laws that specifically target pit bulls ("breed specific legislation," the controversial laws are called).

The dogs also flood shelters where they are euthanized at alarming rates, according to advocates' statistics.

Corry hopes to encourage federal funding of animal law enforcement and anti-cruelty programs. These are especially personal goals, since Angel was severely abused before finding her way into the kissing booth.

"She was literally tortured for five years of her life," says Corry about her dog, who has a scar-riddled body, along with acid burned skin, busted knees and ears that seem to have been chopped off by scissors. (You can read Angel's heartbreaking, heartwarming rescue story here.)

"And she has nothing but love to give. Millions more just like her," she says, "want nothing more than to love."

And if Corry happens to meet up with Obama on this next visit?

"My dream would be to have his ear, even if for five minutes," she says. "He took the time to call the Philadelphia Eagles' owner to thank him for signing Michael Vick. Surely he could take another five minutes to talk to me."

Looking for a new furry friend of your own?

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  • Starla, Animal Welfare League of Arlington

    This 1-year-old smarty pants is an excellent candidate for advanced training like agility or nose work. AWLA offers discounted classes for adopters through KissAble Canine right here at our shelter! Starla is learning how to walk on a gentle-leader, how to play "find it" and has sit and the clicker down pat! She will do best in a home with experienced adopters, willing to set up Starla up for success through training and teach her how to be the dog you want her to be. Does Starla sound like the perfect fit for you?

  • Betsy, Animal Welfare League of Arlington

    My original owner said the following about me: I'm 2 years old and was adopted from AWLA when I was a kitten. I was kept indoors only. I play gently, like a variety of toys and liked to play with the family dog. I'm very tolerant when it comes to handling. I enjoy quiet time, toys, cat nip, looking out the window and laying on my back like a dog. I'm friendly with people, but can be fearful of strangers. I can also be a little vocal and I'm best described as: shy, friendly, active, independent and sometimes like a dog.

  • Star, Animal Welfare League of Arlington

    Star is a 1-year-old New Zealand Purebred Rabbit who would love to be the star of your home. Like so many others at the shelter, she was turned out to fend for herself in a dangerous world.

  • Maybeline, Animal Welfare League of Arlington

    I'm 1 year old and originally came into the shelter as a stray and was adopted out but then returned shortly thereafter when my adopter developed allergies. They only had me for about a month. They described me as friendly, playful, active, goofy, lively and curious. They noted that I had a habit of eating their spider plants. I am friendly with people but can be a little bit cautious with new people at first. I like my quiet time, but also like to climb and play with toys. I play gently, but may give love bites. I also like a variety of toys and can learn tricks for treats. I lived as an only pet - no other cats or dogs.

  • Barbell, Washington Animal Rescue League

    Barbell is a 4-month-old Plott hound mix from West Virginia. This darling boy can’t understand why he’s still at the Washington Animal Rescue League when all of his littermates have been adopted. Happy, energetic, and intelligent, this precious pup will make a wonderful, lifelong companion for some lucky person.

  • Edison, Washington Animal Rescue League

    Edison is a 2.5-year-old Chihuahua mix, who first came to the Washington Animal Rescue League as a puppy after being rescued from a hoarding situation in West Virginia. Given his size, appearance and friendly disposition, he was quickly adopted but, sadly, found himself back at the shelter when his person lost her home. Edison is an exuberant, energetic little guy who loves other dogs and toys…especially squeaky ones. As you can tell from his expression, Edison is a glass-half-full kind of dog who enjoys life to the utmost and will inspire his adopters to do the same.

  • Areal, Animal Welfare League of Arlington

    Areal is a robust 5-year-old girl who came to AWLA from a rural rescue group. Areal is a sweet, quiet, mellow girl who has just recently started to warm up to other cats, as long as they respect her need for personal space. She loves to be petted and get chin scratches. Areal will settle into a new home easily, as long as she has a nice comfy place to cuddle on! Areal would be good for a first time cat owner. Come visit this beautiful girl!

  • Artimus, Animal Welfare League of Arlington

    Artimus is a 1-year-old New Zealand Purebred Rabbit who loves to play and explore then stop for some gentle petting. His chubby cheeks are irresistible when he begs for a piece of carrot.

  • Starfish, Montgomery County Humane Society

    Looking for an adorable young cat? You're in luck, Starfish is up for adoption! He's still a kitten so of course he has a lot of energy and loves to play. He loves chasing lasers, playing with balls and beads. He's an indoor cat who loves all people including children of all ages. He's also comfortable with other cats. Of course he always loves a good petting or belly rub, but he's also a total lap cat. Nothing makes him happier than to curl up with you and get his purr on. He doesn't mind being held or carried as well. Sound too good to be true? Adopt Starfish and he'll prove what a great little kitty he is! Ask for him by ID #A372836.

  • Hey Arnold, Washington Humane Society

    Heeeeeeeey Arnold! This three-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix boy is just like his namesake -- an outgoing, lovable character who enjoys learning new things. Hey Arnold! has mastered “sit” and would do best with an active family who wants to help him keep learning. Meet Hey Arnold! at the Washington Humane Society New York Avenue Adoption Center (1201 New York Avenue, NE/ 202-727-5494).

  • Coffee Bean, Washington Animal Rescue League

    Coffee Bean is a beautiful 2.5-year old tortie with a fun and entertaining personality. She’s a happy girl who enjoys the company of people; her favorite spot is wherever her special person is, whether it’s at the computer answering email, or the sofa watching TV, or sleeping at the foot of the bed. Coffee Bean is currently living in a foster home, where she serves as adjunct hostess, welcoming everyone who comes to visit. Like most girls, she enjoys being pampered…especially with a good head and neck massage. So if you are looking for a lovely cat to be your loyal companion, please email to arrange a meeting with Coffee Bean.

  • Reese’s Pieces, Washington Humane Society

    Reese’s Pieces, a 7-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier and hound mix, loves hanging with both her human buddies and her doggie pals. She has made a new BFF at the Washington Humane Society named Gary. They get along so well that they live together, so the fun never ends. Because she rocks, her adoption fee has been waived. If you’re looking for a sweet, fun dog come meet Reese’s Pieces today at the Washington Humane Society New York Avenue Adoption Center (1201 New York Avenue, NE/ 202-727-5494).

  • Alana, Washington Animal Rescue League

    Alana is stunning 6-year-old British shorthair mix. She currently lives in a foster home, where she entertains her human companions by prancing and sashaying around the house. Alana adores having her head and ears rubbed and will purr with happiness when being brushed. Although she enjoys playing, her favorite pastime is cuddling with her people. Alana is looking for a quiet home where she can be the only feline…although she wouldn’t mind sharing attention with a mellow dog. Please contact to arrange a meeting with this special girl.

  • Esperanza, Washington Animal Rescue League

    If ever there was a miraculous transformation, Esperanza is it. This 1.5-year-old hound mix was discovered on the side of the highway, competing with buzzards for road kill. When she arrived at the Washington Animal Rescue League, Esperanza was literally starving to death. And it turns out that lack of food wasn’t the only reason for her emaciated condition. When she failed to thrive, despite regular feeding, WARL veterinary staff performed surgery, which revealed a corn cob blocking her intestines. That surgery marked a turning point for Esperanza. With the corn cob removed, she slowly began gaining weight. And, today, after months in the care of WARL staff, she’s a happy, healthy, energetic girl who, as you can see from <a href="" target="_blank">the video clip</a>, loves to play fetch and is ready for a home of her own…one where she can be pampered like a princess without competing with children or other dogs for food and attention. After all she’s been through, can you blame her?

  • Clover, Washington Animal Rescue League

    Clover is a precious 2.5-year-old puggle. Everyone at the Washington Animal Rescue League adores this calm, gentle, sweet girl, and she returns the feeling. Clover is currently living in a foster home and has already learned several commands. Preferring people to dogs, she would Iike to be your one-and-only canine companion. And once she’s in your life, you'll wonder what you ever did without her. If you’d like to meet Clover, please contact

  • Calloway, Animal Welfare League of Arlington

    This 3-year-old male Coonhound has a wonderful, calm personality and is very sweet and cuddly. Although he barks in the kennels sometimes, in the staff offices he is quiet and easygoing, resting on a dog bed and snoozing away. He would be a great fit for a family looking for someone to go on walks and hikes, but also to snuggle at home. Also, he did well in his cat test and may do well with another dog.

  • Golden Boy, Washington Animal Rescue League

    Golden Boy is a handsome 3-year-old brown-and-white tabby. He’s what some people refer to as a “puppy cat” because he’s such a happy, affectionate, and playful feline. He adores attention of any kind, whether it’s being petted, scratched, rubbed, or played with, and he returns the favor by purring like a race car. If you are looking for a big, loveable guy to share your life with and make you smile, Golden Boy is your guy. See for yourself at the Washington Animal Rescue League.

  • Fudge Foot, Washington Animal Rescue League

    Fudge Foot is a lovely 3-year-old Lab mix. When not snuggling with an adult human companion, she enjoys playing with squeaky toys and tug toys. Fudge Foot is currently living in a foster home, where she is learning to walk nicely on a leash and perfecting the fine art of housetraining. Please contact to arrange a meeting with this happy girl.

  • Blanche Devereaux and Big Daddy, Washington Animal Rescue League

    Attention all you “Golden Girls” fans! Meet Blanche Devereaux and Big Daddy, a bonded pair of 9-year-old Maltese mixes at the Washington Animal Rescue League. Both are affectionate and crave attention. In fact, they get very excited and vocal when someone approaches, eager for some good old-fashion loving. With the exception of a couple of short walks a day, these “golden oldies” want nothing more than to hang out on the couch or bed with one or more adult human companions while they read or watch TV. Could that be you?

  • Sylvia, Montgomery County Humane Society

    Sylvia, a 6-year-old beagle, and her brother Sam are looking for a new loving home. They have lived together their entire lives but their old family moved somewhere that doesn't allow dogs. They would love to stay together with a new family. Sylvia is a very affectionate dog and very willing to work and learn! She is house trained and gets along well with other dogs and children. All she needs is a family who will love her (and Sam) and give her a forever home! Ask for Sylvia by Tag #118, ID #A372253.

  • Sam, Montgomery County Humane Society

    Sam, a 6-year-old beagle, and his sister Sylvia are looking for a new family to give them their forever home. Their old family moved to a small apartment that wouldn't doesn't allow dogs so they would love to stay together. Sam is a very easygoing guy and gets along well with other dogs and kids! He is house trained and likes to learn new things. Will you be the forever family that Sylvia and Sam have been waiting for? Ask for Sam by Tag #185, ID #A372252.

  • Porpoise, Montgomery County Humane Society

    Porpoise is a laid back 5-year-old cutie looking for her forever home! She was the only cat in her previous home so we don’t know how she'’d feel around other cats but she's comfortable around other dogs. Porpoise's previous owners were very sad to have to leave her -- they want you to know that she takes some time to warm up to new people but once she does, she likes to sit on your lap and be pet. They also want adopters to know that she absolutely loves tuna! She would be perfect for an adult household looking for a sweet, shy cat. Please give Porpoise her forever home! Ask for her by ID #A373035.

  • Bosley, Montgomery County Humane Society

    This little rabbit is used to being handled and loves kids of all ages. He is also used to being around other rabbits (especially his sister Amelia who is also up for adoption). Bosley would be perfect for a family looking for a low maintenance cutie pie to have around the house. So adopt him today! Ask for Bosley by ID #A372361.

  • Daisy, Washington Humane Society

    Daisy, a one-year-old pit bull terrier type dog, is a playful girl who loves a good romp with her toys. She’s great sharer. Daisy is a bit on the shy side, but with time, socialization and positive encouragement, she’ll make a wonderful addition to your home. Meet Daisy at the Washington Humane Society New York Avenue Adoption Center (1201 New York Avenue, NE/ 202-727-5494).

  • Bella, Washington Humane Society

    Bella, a 1-year-old boxer and beagle mix, loves to play. She has a lot of spunk and even more beauty to back it up. She needs someone who can keep up with her and would do well in a home with another dog of the right fit. Meet Bella at the Washington Humane Society Georgia Avenue Adoption Center today (7319 Georgia Avenue, NE/ 202-723-5730).

  • Manny, Washington Humane Society

    Manny, a 2-year-old bull dog mix, has a big and fun personality, as you can see from his silly smile. Manny loves going on PACK (People and Animal Cardio Klub) runs with WHS volunteers, and afterwards he’s ready for a nice snuggle. Meet Manny at the Washington Humane Society Georgia Avenue Adoption Center today (7319 Georgia Avenue, NE/ 202-723-5730).

Horses are looking for homes, too:

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  • Junebug and Hoedown, Days End Farm

    These little ponies (10 hands) have been together for years and are attached at the hip. Although they cannot be ridden, they are wonderful companions for people and barnyard animals, including sheep and goats. They would make a great addition to any home with little to no grass and huge quantities of love.

  • Athena

    A 10 year old, 17 hand Belgian draft mare, Athena is a big girl with big personality to match! Although she has sidebone and cannot be ridden, she loves attention and will be the first to greet you in the field. Athena requires daily low-cost medication to keep her comfortable and daily loving, so lots of pampering and grooming are a must!

  • Dorian, Middleburg Humane Foundation

    This handsome 10 year old, 16.3 TB gleding has been through a lot and deserves a loving forever home. Dorian (Whatdidisay) raced in WV and VA and was at some point abandoned after retirement. When he came to MHF he was underweight, had slipperfoot from lack of hoofcare, achy and depressed. We have gotten his weight back up, a sheen to his coat, and some of the training he needs. Dorian has a lot of potential, but needs a patient, knowledgeable, confident rider/handler. He is easy to catch and stands in crossties. He is still learning good ground manners as far as standing for farrier/grooming/bathing. Dorian can also be cold-backed, and does better when longed for a few minutes prior to riding. He is still fairly green, and needs time, patience and consistency, but shows promise in being very responsive to aids. He has been ridden in the ring and on a trail ride, and we have plans of introducing him to foxhunting scene to see how he does. For further information please contact foster: Tara 703-853-5899

  • Lily, Middleburg Humane Foundation

    Lily is an approximately 10 yr. old umbrella cockatoo. She was released to MHF after passed through several homes. She is learning new skills everyday and has shown improvement but requires an experienced guardian. You must have parrot experience to be considered to adopt Lily. You may be eligible for adoption if you live within a 50 mile radius of MHS's facility in Marshall, Va.

  • Roulette , Days End Farm

    Roulette is an 11 year old, 16.2 hand Thoroughbred mare that came to Days End Farm June 2006 in the final stages of starvation. This big-boned mare is a show-stopper. Due to an old bowed tendon injury, she is only suitable for flat-work under saddle. However, her movement and conformation would make her a great lower-level Dressage prospect for an experienced rider. This girl has been at DEFHR for way too long. We hope to find her a forever home soon that will bring her to her full potential.

  • Sally, Middleburg Humane Foundation

    Sally is a 10 year old branded and titled bay mustang mare who was caught in the Jackson mountains in Nevada and brought the the Bureau of Land Management facility when she was very young. She was seized and rescued later along with several other mustangs from a severe neglect situation. Sally underwent extensive ground work with a Parelli trainer, she knows the seven games, walks over tarps, and stands on a pedestal among others. She has never been broke to ride, but would make a great companion to any horse. You may be eligible for adoption if you live within a 50 mile radius of MHF's facility in Marshall, Va.

  • Arwen, Middleburg Humane Foundation

    Arwen is an about 18 year old paint mare about 16h. She is easy-going, has good ground manners, stands for farrier and vet. Would make a great companion as she goes along with all other horses. Not tried under saddle. You may be eligible for adoption if you live within a 50 mile radius of MHF's facility in Marshall, Va.

  • Jackson, Middleburg Humane Foundation

    Jackson, in his late teens, has come a long way since his rescue from a horrible situation several years ago. Being a Paso Fino he needs somebody who knows the breed well. He is very smart and likes to be engaged mentally in his workout which demands an experienced rider. Excellent ground manners, 100% sound, healthy and in good condition. He'd make an excellent companion also. You may be eligible for adoption if you live within a 50 mile radius of MHF's facility in Marshall, Va.

  • Qutie, Days End Farm

    This cutie pie arrived at DEFHR in June 2006, emaciated and covered in rain rot. Now 10 years old, this 15.2 hand thoroughbred mare is very sensitive and athletic -- a combination that any experienced rider would love to find in a horse. Because of her stamina and love of work, Qutie has great potential for lower level eventing or endurance with an experienced rider.

  • Savannah, Middleburg Humane Foundation

    Savannah is a 5 year old pony and Arab mare, very petite 14.1h. Dark bay with black legs, mane and tail, one white sock. Savannah has god ground manners, but is shy and needs an quiet experienced owner. She is healthy and sound, (just had her first dental done), is a very pretty mover and is ready to be backed. You may be eligible for adoption if you live within a 50 mile radius of MHF's facility in Marshall, Va.

  • Cotton, Middleburg Humane Foundation

    Cotton is a 2 year old beautiful pony gelding with super jumping ability! He'd make a great hunter/jumper for children. Cotton stands for the farrier and vet, loads and trailers well. We are currently working on his ground manners and will need an experienced handler. He came to MHF with his mom from a severe neglect situation. Cotton is healthy and gets along with all other horses. You may be eligible for adoption if you live within a 50 mile radius of MHF's facility in Marshall, Va.

  • Blondie, Middleburg Humane Foundation

    Blondie is a pretty palomino Shetland x mare, 11 years old and about 12h. Still shy, she is coming along slowly and needs a devoted person to spend time with her and help her trust people again. Blondia had a baby in 2009, is healthy and gets along well with others. You may be eligible for adoption if you live within a 50 mile radius of MHF's facility in Marshall, VA

  • Fran and Eden, Middleburg Humane Foundation

    Fran and Eden are 2 adorable full grown bunnies available for adoption. Both are extremely friendly, healthy and spayed. You may be eligible for adoption if you live within a 50 mile radius of MHF's facility in Marshall, Va.

  • Cody, Middleburg Humane Foundation

    Cody is a 12 year old Shetland mini cross gelding. He is very shy but sweet. Cody would make a wonderful babysitter or adorable lawn ornament. You may be eligible for adoption if you live within a 50 mile radius of MHF's facility in Marshall, Va.

  • Miss Piggy, Middleburg Humane Foundation

    Miss Piggy comes via the Middleburg Humane Foundation: Miss Piggy is a 60+ lbs. potbellied pig. She has been exposed to horses, dogs, cats and chickens. (And she's thinner than she appears in this photo.) Miss Piggy needs a home with secure fencing. For additional information please contact Anne at 571-477-4071.