05/20/2013 08:56 am ET

Op Art Music Video: 'Fix My Life' By Melt Yourself Down Will Melt Your Brain (VIDEO)

If Kanye's "All of the Lights" left you feeling woozy, you may reconsider watching this utterly dizzying music video by Melt Yourself Down titled, "Fix My Life."

The UK-based band, whose style Paul Lester at the Guardian describes as "Afrocentric jazz-tinged tribal pop with avant-garde tendencies and no little funk," enlisted director Morgan Beringer to provide hypnotizing geometric animation.

In an interview with Brainwash Online, Beringer explained how the video resulted from "experiments that involved rotating old circular diagrams of the Chinese I-Ching at very high speeds -- which resulted in some interesting optical illusions. This sort of illusion is often referred to as the 'wagon-wheel effect.'"

Watch the trippy music video above, let your brain melt into a vibrant puddle of goo, and let us know how it felt in the comments.


Giuseppe Arcimboldo
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