Healthy Chips: 7 Non-Fatty Versions That Are Tastier Than Kettle Cooked

05/23/2013 09:57 am ET | Updated Mar 10, 2015
Seth Bleiler

By Lynn Andriani

These substitutes will fulfill your cravings for salt and crunch -- without a ton of calories.

7 Non-Fatty Chips That Are Tastier Than Kettle Cooked

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  • The Gooey But Not Greasy Microwavable Mexican Dinner
    The frozen burrito has been stuck in a kind of healthy food limbo -- is it bad for you? overly salty? a decent late-night dinner? -- until recently. Stock your freezer with Evol (that's love, backwards) burritos, and you'll be eating something good. The company uses ingredients like free-range, hormone-free chicken, humanely raised beef, house-made salsa and organic beans -- and recently started making some of its burritos with gluten-free tortillas.
    $2.74 each |
  • The Just-The-Tastiest-Part Brownie
    Brownie Brittle
    If you're the person who always wants the corner piece of a tray of brownies, Sheila G's Brownie Brittle might be your new best friend. The thin, crispy fragments taste just like those crunchy brownie bits. The company's newest flavor, Salted Caramel, is a satisfying mix of sweet and salty -- and one serving is only 120 calories.
    $10.95 for 2 bags |
  • The Better-Than-What-They-Sell-At-The-Movies Popcorn
    Quinn Popcorn
    The first sign that Quinn Popcorn is not your average microwavable snack-in-a-bag is the cool flavors (hello, Parmesan & Rosemary and Hickory Smoked Cheddar). In addition to the brilliant combinations, the makers behind this addictive popcorn use organic corn and no GMO ingredients or preservatives -- and they've figured out how to package their popcorn in such a way that there's no need for chemical coatings.
    $14.99 for 3 boxes (2 bags per box) |
  • The Hot Cocoa That Needs No Marshmallows
    We've found a rich, sweet hot chocolate that's so good, we'd even hunker down with a mug-full on a steamy August afternoon. NibMor Organic Vegan Drinking Chocolate comes in traditional, mint, and 6-spice (a zippy blend of chai and peppery notes) and doesn't include any of the corn syrup, hydrogenated oil or artificial flavor found in some other brands.
    $8.99 for 6 packets |
  • The Salty, Chewy Road Trip Snack
    Krave Jerky
    If, like us, you long ago wrote off jerky as teenager fuel (read: loaded with salt, preservatives and artificial ingredients), it may be time to give the cured meat another chance. New, better-for-you brands are flooding the market, such as nitrate- and hormone-free Krave, which makes adventurous flavors like Black Cherry Barbecue and Basil Citrus.
    $7 per bag |
  • The Decadent Breakfast Sandwich
    Whole Foods Market
    Try this dessert-like spin on the traditional morning on-the-go meal: Spread one toaster waffle with a spoonful each of whipped cream cheese and strawberry preserves, add sliced strawberries and whole blackberries, then put one more waffle on top. It's creamy, tart and -- if you use multigrain waffles, such as 365 Everyday Value Organic Multigrain -- healthy, too.
    $2.99 |
  • A Drinkable Dessert
    The Republic of Tea
    It sounds too good to be true: How could a cup of tea even remotely resemble a slice of red velvet cake? But believe us when we tell you The Republic of Tea's Red Velvet Cuppa Chocolate Tea is the closest thing to liquid dessert that we've ever tasted. It's made from decaf rooibos tea leaves blended with chocolate and beet root bits (some cake recipes include the vegetable, too, for that distinct color). With a splash of milk and a pinch of sugar, a cup tastes shockingly similar to a cupcake.
    $10 for 36 bags |
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