05/23/2013 12:41 pm ET | Updated May 23, 2013

Pitbull's Miami Heat-Themed 'Feel This Moment' Is.. Really Pitbull-y (VIDEO)


The whole town's wearing white, no one slept last night because HEART STOPPING OVERTIME, and Birdman could be elected mayor with a write-in vote.

Yet the Miami Heat have cranked city/team spirit to its inevitable and slightly questionable conclusion: a playoffs-themed remake from native son Pitbull that debuted during Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Enter "Feel This Moment," a Heat-ified remake of Mr. Worldwide's radio hit with Christiana Aguilara set to white-clad fans dancing and lip syncing at various spots around town. We're not sure exactly how to feel about this, except extreme gratitude the Marlins weren't in charge -- and to say 305 all day, indeed. Check it out:


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