05/25/2013 12:51 pm ET

'St. Elsewhere' Finale: Remembering The Drama Of St. Eligius Hospital 25 Years Later

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May 25, 1988 marked the final episode of NBC's "St. Elsewhere."

Although the TV world is now overflowing with medical dramas like "Grey's Anatomy" and "House M.D.," "St. Elsewhere" -- starring Howie Mandel, William Daniels, Denzel Washington, Ed Begley Jr. and more -- was one of the first. Additionally, it kick-started Oscar winner Denzel Washington's career.

The "St. Elsewhere" finale was the first big "it was all just a dream" finale, ending with the revelation that St. Eligius hospital and its staff were all the creations of an autistic and took place inside a snowglobe. Although it enraged fans at the time, it's now one of the most spoofed finales ever.

Check it out in the slideshow below.

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"St. Elsewhere"

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