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'Ring Of Fire': Jewel Steps Into Reese Witherspoon Territory As June Carter Cash For Lifetime (VIDEO)

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Lifetime's latest movie "Ring of Fire" told Johnny and June Carter Cash's love story, but from June's perspective.

Singer-songwriter Jewel took on the iconic role in "Ring of Fire," which used Cash's biggest hit as a main part of its plot.

"You wrote 'Ring of Fire' for me," Johnny (Matt Ross) says in the movie, which is based on Johnny and June's son's book, "Anchored in Love: An Intimate Portrait of June Carter Cash."

"I didn't write it for you. I wrote it about you. And hearing you sing it makes me proud," June replies.

The Washington Post says the biggest issue with "Ring of Fire" is that it followed the 2005 Johnny and June biopic, "Walk The Line." Emily Yahr wrote: "2005 wasn't that long ago. It's fresh enough in people's minds that anyone portraying Cash's famous second wife (as singer-songwriter Jewel does here) is going to be compared with Reese Witherspoon, who won an Oscar for her portrayal."

And that was something Jewel realized when she signed on for "Ring of Fire." "I knew this was a big undertaking," the singer told the LA Times. "I mean, Reese won an Oscar for playing June. That set a real high mark. But this movie isn't the Johnny-and-June love story like 'Walk the Line.' This is June's story. I'd seen a bunch of scripts for different roles, but not any that were really interesting to me. When I read this one, I knew it was a chance to play a big, dynamic, dramatic part."

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