05/28/2013 11:13 am ET

Russian Bear's Tricks Look Oddly Human, Totally Awesome (VIDEO)

This is either the world's most gifted bear or the world's most realistic bear costume.

We can't decide.

YouTube user AmazingLife247's video of one "very talented Russian bear," showcases a brown beast clapping, Hula Hooping, balancing on a chair, and playing a trumpet.

Hoax or not, the bear's performance is altogether hypnotizing.

Is it the real deal or completely fake? Let us know in the poll below.

Uncanny bear costumes have tricked humans and bears alike in the past. In March 2013, a picture rose on Reddit of a little kid dressed up like a bear -- standing face to face with a real bear at the Minnesota Zoo. And last year, zoo workers in China reportedly coaxed panda bears to be transported by donning their own panda suits.


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