Cats hate printers, we all know that. But perhaps it's been the paper that's the issue all along.

Via Tastefully Offensive

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  • Hung Up

    Are you looking for something?

  • Caffeinated Kitty

    Hey, that's mine.

  • Happy Halloween!

    Let me help you carve this pumpkin.

  • My Pillow

    Is your X-Box controller and there's nothing you can do abou it.

  • Coffee Cat

    Oh, did you need this?

  • Cat Vs. Computer

    I sit on your lap and I provide you with hours of entertainment, so I might as well be your computer.

  • Hello?

    Your expensive toy has become my trusty mirror.

  • Clean Sheets

    Your pillowcase is my new sleeping bag.

  • Group iPad Session

    Whatever this magical thing is, we want it

  • Computer Cat

    I want to surf the web, but I don't know where to start.

  • Fully Stocked Fridge

    Who wants an ice cold... Kitten?

  • Basket Case

    I'm not going anywhere.

  • Give It To Me

    With my cat-like reflexes, I'm much better at this game than you are.

  • This Cat Knows How To Spin

    They call me "Kitty Mix-A-Lot."

  • A Tall Glass Of Water

    Is perfect for washing off my paws.

  • Get Out Of Here!

    It's occupied.

  • My New Bed

    Your purse is perfect for sleeping.

  • Did You Need To Wash Your Hands?

    Well, too bad.