06/04/2013 09:22 am ET

Pizzaghetti Sloche, A Pizza And Spaghetti-Flavored Slush Drink, Hits Couche-Tard Stores

Pizzaghetti (or pizza-ghetti) is a combo meal of pizza and spaghetti popular in many parts of Quebec. So popular, in fact, that convenience store chain Couche-Tard dreamt up a pizzaghetti-themed version of its frozen Sloche beverage, which is similar to the Slush Puppie.

Couche-Tard has a history of whipping up weird variations of the popular drink, like wonton, swamp and beef. But, as far as we can tell, none actually taste like what their names suggest.

The same seems to be true with the pizzaghetti Sloche. (We're just the slightest bit disappointed.) Comments on another photo of a pizzaghetti dispenser, posted to Reddit, say that the "pizza" flavor is actually strawberry and the "ghetti" is kiwi.

Pizzaghetti-flavored or not, the marketing for the drink is off-the-wall. Just take a look at the below advertisement, which shows anthropomorphic pizza and spaghetti at the beginning of an epic love affair.



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