06/04/2013 11:34 am ET Updated Jun 06, 2013

Teachers' Yearbook Photos Show Off Their Silly Side (PHOTO)

Who says that teens get to have all the fun? From Horse_ebooks tweets to sharing beauty secrets, there have been no shortage of LOL-worthy senior quotes among student yearbooks.

But just because students are allowed to let their personalities shine on the yearbook pages, doesn't mean that teachers aren't entitled to a little end-of-the-year silliness too.

Check out the photo below of a yearbook page posted by Reddit user Coooturtle with the caption: "My Little Brother's Teachers Did This In The Yearbook."

While it's unclear if these teachers' photos are a nod to "The Brady Bunch," one thing is certain: they are rad.

[h/t Reddit]


Funny Yearbook Quotes
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