Check Out These Squirrels Eating Pizza, French Fries And Other Junk Food (PHOTOS)

06/07/2013 03:29 pm ET

Squirrels love pizza, and they look cute eating it too. Clearly, pizza is a favorite food of United States squirrels.

New York squirrels probably have it easiest, due to the sheer availability of pizza, although in terms of pizza being delicious, Chicago squirrels probably have it pretty good also.

San Francisco probably has some self-satisfied squirrels who'd chatter insipidly about how much better pizza is in San Francisco than New York or Chicago, but we really couldn't care less about them. L.A. squirrels like their pizza protein style, with no bread.

Other countries with squirrels and pizza also exhibit squirrels eating pizza. Canadian squirrels put maple syrup, bacon and gravy on their pizza and yet on the whole are somehow thinner than United States squirrels. Italian squirrels prefer Nutella.

LOOK: Squirrels Eating Pizza

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