BOULDER CITY, Nev. — Authorities say a 69-year-old man died and another man and four Boy Scouts were rescued after they all suffered from heat-related illnesses in a hiking area near the Nevada-Arizona line.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area park rangers and other agencies carried out searches Saturday afternoon as temps hit 110 degrees, after receiving calls from help for the men and the scouts in Arizona's White Rock Canyon area, about eight miles from Boulder City.

A news release says Clawson Bowman Jr. of Las Vegas was located about a mile from the trailhead, but was pronounced dead. Rescuers aided the other man until an air ambulance arrived.

The Boy Scouts were reported lost, but they maintained phone links until they were rescued by an air crew and brought to the trail head, where they were treated by paramedics.

An autopsy will determine the cause of Bowman's death.

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  • Go Behind The Screams

    A new version of the horror film Night of the Demons just hit theaters. To celebrate, we uncovered the tricks that Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson, the team responsible for the movie, use to scare the poop out of fans.

  • No Gore Por Favor

    The demon you see here has a very black face. That’s because the red blood had to be digitally edited out for the”greenband trailer” — one that is approved for all audiences.

  • Le Freak So Chic

    Demoned-up actress Bobbi Sue Luther is wearing special contacts and tons of makeup, but her eyeballs and more have been digitally enhanced — without retouching you’d see her skin behind the skull makeup.

  • Creepy Coffee Break

    In make-up, Luther could only ingest fluids. All actors in demon makeup wore painful special effects contacts that covered the entire cornea. It required a contact lens technician who put drops in each eye every 20 minutes.

  • Actor Gives Good Head

    This is actor Michael Bowen (Kill Bill, Magnolia) — sort of. It’s actually a rubber mold made from seaweed. The actor had to keep this on for 40 minutes to create a fake head, which in this case, got smashed with an oxygen tank.

  • Eye Spy Gross Makeup

    For each day of shooting, this horny guy needed two hours to get the mask on and and over an hour to take it all off.

  • Meowie Wowie

    Sometimes make-up doesn’t take long at all. Here’s Diora Baird as a cat.

  • Stunt Demon

    Actor John F. Beach got his entrails eaten by stunt woman Simone Bargetze, who was subbing for actress Shannon Elizabeth.

  • Filmmaker Walks a Mile in Zombie Shoes

    In his film Mortuary, Gierasch decided to cast himself (left). It took six hours of makeup. Of the experience he said, “It was awful. I always said I wanted to be in cool makeup, but I’ll never do it again.”

  • And You Think Your Job is Crazy?

    Horror writer and director Gierasch chills out in a real state mental hospital — the set of Autopsy, a movie he filmed in Jackson, LA.

  • Getting The Part

    Here are two demons hanging out: Luther and Eric Min, a sales and distribution executive for <a href="">Seven Arts Pictures</a>. How’d he get the part? He was about the same size as lead actor Eddie Furlong. The makeup, he says, was more difficult than he expected.

  • Screamin’ Demons

    Here are all the demons getting ready to attack the heroes: Michael Cupon, Luther, Baird and a stunt woman hanging from the rafters. The ropes are digitally removed as the film is edited.

  • Getting Handsy

    These hands were worn by production assistants and stunt people. Each one took a half hour to put on and required the skills of three makeup people.

  • Hairum Scarum

    Hairstylist Margeaux Fox with<a href=""> Ryan Turek</a>, a stunt demon.

  • Behind The Camera

    Here’s Gierasch directing a demon ménage a trois. Sounds fun, right? The film took 22 days to shoot and six months to edit. His films cost between $2 million and $10 million to produce.

  • Going Ape On Set

    This gorilla is actually a production assistant who is there to guide all the extras from room to room for a tracking shot.

  • Sometimes Even Nobodies Are Somebodies

    Night of the Demons co-writer Jace Anderson and composer/music supervisor Joseph Bishara were extras in their film. Wanting to give nods to other horror flicks, she is wearing the actual wedding dress that was used in Gravedancers and Joe is dressed as a zombie from Shockwaves.

  • Bloody Hell!

    The trashed Night of the Demons set you see here required over 50 gallons of fake blood.

  • Pretty (Demonic) Woman

    Here’s actress Shannon Elizabeth. In the movie, after her Halloween party is broken up by police, she gets bitten by a skeleton in the basement. At that point, she definitely becomes someone you should avoid.

  • Deadly By Design

    These clay molds of demon heads were used to make the prosthetic pieces.

  • Terrified Trio

    Monica Keena, Furlong and John F. Beach pose for a still during filming. Production was delayed when the crew had to flee to Baton Rouge for Hurricane Gustav, and then — talk about a horror show — Gustav followed them to Baton Rouge.

  • What Does It Take To Be A Scream Queen?

    Tiffany Shepis has been acting since she was 16. With 89 horror films in the can, she’s well-loved in the genre and more than qualified to wear a “scream queen” crown.

  • Public School Punks?

    Director Gierasch’s favorite punk music makes up the soundtrack for this latest version of Night of the Demons. The band Psycho Charger (pictured) recently performed in a live show to promote the film. What you wouldn’t guess is that two of these messed-up musicians are public school teachers and the other two are speech therapists. Thanks for this photo to: <a href=""></a>