Jellyfish Cover Beach In Merseyside, England (PHOTO)

06/09/2013 06:36 pm ET

Now that's a lot of jellyfish.

A swarm of the gelatinous creatures, informally known as a "smack," washed up in Merseyside, England this week. The photo was uploaded to Reddit by Matthew McArthur, who told The Huffington Post that they jellies were found on Crosby Beach.

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Uploaded by Matthew McArthur.

Scientists are undecided over why jellyfish are on the rise. Some believe it is due to overfishing and climate change, while other studies have suggested that jelly populations could naturally rise and fall in a 20-year cycle.

Regardless of whether or not this year is an anomaly, the increase in jellyfish is threatening marine biodiversity and summer tourists, the Guardian reports.

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