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Virginity In Film: Movie's Life Lessons On The First Time In Celebration Of 'Can't Hardly Wait'

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June 12 marks the 15th anniversary of the release of "Can't Hardly Wait."

The famed high school movie told the story of a group of students celebrating their last day of classes, complete with yearbook signing, underage drinking, and one wannabe-gangster hellbent on losing his virginity. In celebration of the anniversary of "Can't Hardly Wait," we've compiled 13 lessons on losing your virginity from films.

"Can't Hardly Wait": The best way to convince someone to have sex with you is to get locked in a bathroom with them.
virginity in film

"The Graduate": Don't have sex with your parents' friend.
virginity in film

"American Beauty": Don't have sex with your friend's dad.
virginity in film

"Almost Famous": Do go to Greenville if you want to lose your virginity.
virginity in film

"Fast Times at Ridgemont High": If it happens in a baseball dugout covered in graffiti, he may not call again.
virginity in film

"Liberal Arts": Pick the right time to tell your partner that you're a virgin.
virginity in film

"The Notebook": Don't try to lose your virginity while you're on curfew.
virginity in film

"The Girl Next Door": Don't treat the girl you're losing it to like a porn star... even if she is one.
virginity in film

"The 40-Year-Old Virgin": Your friends may be trying to help you lose your virginity, but they'll probably end up making things worse.
virginity in film

"Superbad": Always be prepared with proper lubrication.
virginity in film

"Cruel Intentions": Family and sex don't mix.
virginity in film

"American Pie": It's always better to wait for a real human being, rather than violating baked goods in the meantime.
virginity in film

"Clueless": Don't be a virgin who can't drive.
virginity in film

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