Henry Cavill's Preparation For Superman: Actor Avoided Food To Become 'Man Of Steel'

06/13/2013 11:46 am ET

In order to truly become Superman, Henry Cavill not only read all the comic books before filming, but he took some drastic measures to make sure his body was in tip-top shape as well.

"I ate a lot and worked out like a fiend," he revealed to The Gossip Table at the "Man of Steel" premiere. "But then, only for the shirtless scenes, I really stopped eating."

And this isn't the first time that Cavill, who admitted to Details magazine that he struggled with his weight as a boy, has altered his eating habits for an acting gig. In 2002, the then-17-year-old "lost one and half stone (21 pounds)" after landing a role in 2002's "The Count of Monte Cristo."

But now that the movie is out and the reviews are in, all Cavill can do is sit back and enjoy his performance ... maybe even with some candy and popcorn?

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