06/13/2013 05:55 pm ET Updated Jul 29, 2013

Taylor Swift's Wedding: 10 Reasons She Is Secretly Thinking About Walking Down The Aisle

Over the past year, Taylor Swift has received some harsh criticisms about her ever-changing relationship status. But it's not her fault that she just wants to find Mr. Right so she can finally make the trip down the aisle! The star has subliminally had weddings on the brain for the past year and aside from already having her vows written down in her various hits, here are 10 more reasons the 23-year-old artist is definitely ready to become a bride:

1. June 2013
taylor swift

2. June 2013
taylor swift 2

3. May 2012
taylor swift 1

4. February 2013
taylor swift 3

5. January 2013
taylor swift 4

6. December 2012
taylor swift 5

7. November 2012
taylor swift 6

8. November 2012
taylor swift 7

9. September 2012
taylor swift 8

10. July 2012
taylor swift 10


Taylor Swift
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