Marion Barry's Showing His Love For D.C. On Twitter

06/14/2013 12:08 pm 12:08:36

Marion Barry loves Washington D.C. Marion Barry loves telling you about his love for Washington D.C. on his Twitter account.

The "mayor-for-life" has entertained us with his social media prowess over the last year. Whether he's reaching out to Jason Collins, explaining the word "mofo" to a few disgruntled followers or live-tweeting the Redskins 2013 playoff appearance and "Scandal" finale, we've been glad we're following @marionbarryjr.

On Thursday -- a few days after former D.C. councilmember Michael Brown pleaded guilty to federal bribery charges -- Barry decided to let D.C.'s detractors, and others, know that D.C. is great.

What followed was a display of civic pride most former mayors wish they had.

The Ward 8 councilmember is proud of the Ballou Senior High School 2013 graduates.

The Ward 8 councilmember is proud D.C. hosted Nelson Mandela after his release from prison.

The Ward 8 councilmember is proud of Washington's fireworks.

The Ward 8 councilmember is proud of the Georgetown Hoyas' 1984 National Championship.

The Ward 8 councilmember is proud of the Washington Redskins' Super Bowl XXII victory.

The Ward 8 Councilmember is proud of a photoshopped picture of the Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III holding the Vince Lombardi trophy.

Once Barry decides to no longer be the Ward 8 councilmember, he appears to be ready for inspirational speaking.

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