Next time you find yourself having dinner with a friend, why not make some money before the check arrives?

Quirkology put together another surprising list of 10 bets that you'll always win, many of which require glasses and other table settings.

Watch the video above for some bet-spiriation, plus a prank that won't make you any money but will completely annoy your friends.

Via Pleated Jeans

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  • Budweiser King

    The other two refs are discussing whether or not to tell him.

  • Bikini Body

    Your morning commute just got a LOT more distracting.

  • Eagle Carrying Dog

    Teaching your dog to "roll over" has never been more entertaining.

  • Obama Wizard

    What does he see? Four more years?

  • Olympic Glasses

    The summer Olympics come around once every four years, but <a href="">this only happens</a> once in a lifetime.

  • Building Impalement

    Let's hope there's a trampoline under her.

  • Shooting Hoops

    He got that statue for being such a good basketball player

  • Catbercrombie

    He's been cutting way back on the Fancy Feast, and it shows.

  • Becoming A Geisha

    This is one "missed connection" that's going to be pretty hard to track down.

  • Lightning Strikes

    EIther that or she just had a REALLY good idea.

  • Michelle's New Hat?

    Not to mention, if Barack leaned over any further we're pretty sure he'd have an afro.

  • Walking On Water

    Kid gets a diving board, next thing you know he thinks he's Jesus Christ.

  • Moon Landing

    Neil who? Buzz who?

  • Meow Mix

    Looks like someone alrady found his Halloween costume.

  • Blow Your Horn

    This must have been how they got the sun to come out back in the old days.

  • The Old Yawn-And-Stretch

    Come on, cat. That's the oldest trick in the book.

  • Bubble Eyes

    So much cuter than regular glasses.

  • Heart Cats

    "Oh, did you need something? We're just being mind-bogglingly cute."

  • Who's Calling?

    What an eavesdropper.

  • Catching The Moon

    We're assuming Scorsese could get the moon to move if he needed to.

  • Magic Cat

    This cat must have been one of the first <a href="">horsemaning</a> pioneers.

  • Catch A Plane

    It's somehow both serene and terrifying at the same time.

  • Shadow Bird

    Why stand when you can fly?

  • Plane On A Wire

    That is the weirdest looking bird we've ever seen.

  • Jet-Powered Eagle?

    Evolution is getting REALLY interesting these days.