Story by Ross Forman, courtesy Windy City Times:

Ola Wolan planned for her senior prom at Lane Tech High School all school year—because she wanted to wear a tuxedo, not a dress. She researched how much the tux rental fee would be ($100) and planned accordingly.

And as the school's prom—held Saturday night, June 8, at the Hyatt-Regency Hotel in downtown Chicago—rapidly approached, the out lesbian opted to run for Prom King, not Prom Queen.

"Honestly, I don't fit the gender stereotypes of a girl and I'm not trans[gender]; I know who I am and wouldn't feel comfortable winning 'Queen' and then having to dance with a boy," Wolan said. "So I just thought, why not break gender expectations and stereotypes and run for 'King.'"

In fact, her initial plan was to run for King, while a gay male student was going to run for queen—and that plan was OK'd by the school, but he was not on the ballot at first.

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  • Joel & Jesse -- 2006

    I went to a religious high school [in Concord, N.H.] and I was the first person to ever bring a same-sex date to their prom. It took some convincing, but I was very close with our principal and she ended up allowing it. It was a fun experience overall, and we didn't encounter any discrimination whatsoever. Generally, it was all just support or indifference, and ended up being a lot of fun, despite the initial nerves while actually walking in.

  • Kendra & Kayla -- 2012

    The whole experience was quite wonderful. It being my senior prom I had hoped for it. Kayla was although over the age limit only by a couple months, so I emailed my principal and told him my reasoning why I thought she should be allowed to go. We eventually talked face to face and he gave me permission. I was so absolutely happy and excited, especially since I had already bought my dress. I would do it all over again if I had to.

  • Tyler & James -- 2012

    I'm on the left (Tyler) and my boyfriend is on the right (James). After my Catholic high school refused to allow us to attend my prom together, we found our local state alliance organization was setting up a pride prom. The date was April 21st and the location was the Holiday Inn Airport in Evansville, Indiana. The red ribbon on my lapel is a red ribbon given to all those who attended. It was truly a magical night for just the two of us.

  • Steph & Jackie -- 2007

    We didn't get too much grief but were definitely gossiped about quite a bit. Fast forward 6 years (almost exactly) and we're still together. I couldn't love her more. High school feels like a million years ago. For everyone out there going through it now, it truly does get better. There is life outside of High School and it's awesome!

  • Daunasia & Alyssa -- 2012

    Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth (BAGLY) prom couple.

  • Annalise & Katarina -- 2012

    [Hancock Junior Senior Prom at Orlando Gardens in St. Louis] was our first fully public outing as a couple, and we had so much fun. The dance was amazing and we were some of the last people left on the floor. We got a little trouble the next Monday for having kissed at the dance, but I couldn't have cared less. It was so, so worth it.

  • Nichole & Shelby -- 2012

    Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth (BAGLY) prom couple.

  • Jon & Steven -- 2009

    Here is Steven, my boyfriend at the time, and I after prom at the W Hotel in Dallas.

  • Whitney & Alyssia -- 2012

    Our prom was located in Hutchinson, Kansas on April 28th. My experience with taking my girlfriend to prom was amazing; my promenade walking down the stairs we got loud cheers and people commenting how cute we were and brave to do that in such a small town. The dance was a memory that I will live with forever. Not only was it a great experience, but I got to show my pride and take my girlfriend. Overall we had an amazing time. Our picture of us at prom kissing showed up on a big screen so my whole school staff was VERY supportive. Which amazed me since I live in little ol' Kansas.

  • James & Joshua -- 2012

    Actually, this was me and my boyfriend James at our school's winter formal. Prom's not till June!

  • Kelsey & Laurie -- 2011

    At our high school there is the tradition of the "Grand March," where all the grads walk up and down the street on the day of our prom in front of our school for all of our teachers, parents and the whole city to see. Usually the pairs are of one girl and one guy, but i knew U couldn't walk with a boy and wear a dress, so i asked Laurie. It was scary to be honest, as i had just come out to my parents and by walking with Laurie and wearing a suit i would clearly be outing myself to my whole graduating class and city, but I knew i could do it with some help from my friends and family. I had a great time, and even though i knew that people didn't approve, we didn't care because we truly enjoyed ourselves. We were officially the second all-girl couple for the Grand March where at least one of us was clearly gay, and we both feel very proud of that because maybe future graduating couples of all forms might be able to be themselves on such an important day.

  • Andrew & Daniel -- 2012

    I, Daniel -- the bow-tie guy -- am the administrative assistant at New Tech here in Bloomington, Ind. and also a "one-year out proud man" who took my legal life partner to our high school prom this year. My first prom in general and to take the man I love: priceless. It took me till I was almost 29 but I finally got my prom night! The students were loving and accepting of us and overjoyed to celebrate with us the Civil Union we had just had performed in Urbana, Ill. the day before. We were greeted on the prom "red carpet" with a round of applause from faculty and students alike. Fabulous!

  • Monica & Liz -- 2012

    We had a great time but our feet got tired from the dancing!

  • Michael & Josh -- 2012

    We went to my senior prom together [in Colora, MD] and felt 100 percent supported by my school it was the best night of high school! Not one person said anything about us dancing together. I was finally accepted at my school.

  • Aly, James & Taylor -- 2011

    Aly, James, Taylor celebrate at the first Alternative Prom for LGBT teens and friends at Fountain Street Church of Grand Rapids, Mich.

  • Dillan & Roxas -- 2012

    Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth (BAGLY) prom couple.

  • Leigh M. & friends -- 2011

    In 2011, Leigh M. a senior from the Grand Rapids Public Schools after years of asking fellow "streeter" students to produce a LGBT Prom at the downtown Grand Rapids Fountain Street Church, she decided to do it herself.

  • Jess & Brandon -- 2012

    Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth (BAGLY) prom couple.

  • Austin & Boyfriend