06/25/2013 05:22 pm ET Updated Jun 25, 2013

That Terrible Edition Of 'Meet The Press' Was Even Worse Than I Thought


But [Mike] Murphy himself has a stake in this debate that arguably ought to have been disclosed. Though Murphy was introduced only as a “Republican strategist,” he is also the founding partner of Navigators Global, a lobbying firm that represents one of the NSA’s largest contractors. Disclosures show that Navigators Global represents Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC) on issues before Congress. For at least a decade, CSC has won major contracts from the National Security Agency (NSA). Murphy’s firm has lobbied on behalf of CSC for bills that would expand the NSA’s reach, including the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act or CISPA, which passed the House of Representatives earlier this year. As the Center for Democracy and Technology noted, the “legislation is being billed as an expansion of a collaboration between the National Security Agency (NSA) and major ISPs dubbed the Defense Industrial Base Pilot.”

--Over at The Nation, Lee Fang explains that Mike Murphy, who served on Meet The Press' pundit panel this past weekend (and who opined, of L'Affaire Snowden, that it has "never been easier in human history to be a whistleblower," which is comically wrong) receives some of his boodle courtesy of the NSA. That's a fact that should have been disclosed. Of course, before you accuse "Meet The Press" of nefariousness, you should consider the possibility that its operators actually don't understand journalism well enough to know that these kinds of disclosures are important. Still, we have to applaud Carly Fiorina for being willing to admit that she was "good friends" with a central figure in the story, Gen. Michael Hayden. Murphy was a friend with benefits!

'Meet the Press' Pundit With Financial Ties to NSA Misleadingly Slams Snowden [The Nation]

The Most Terrible Edition Of 'Meet The Press' To Ever Air

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