06/26/2013 08:15 pm ET

Emblem3 Cover Daft Punk 'Get Lucky' Feat. Pharrell Williams (VIDEO)

Original Song: Daft Punk "Get Lucky" Feat. Pharrell Williams

Cover Artist: Former "X Factor USA" contestants Emblem3

How It's Different: Emblem3 went with less funk and a whole lotta acoustic guitar, with some three-man harmonies thrown in.

Why We Love It: The song weirdly works with their cool, not-quite-a-boy-band California vibe. Wesley also busts out some adorable/hilarious dance moves (from the couch).

Better Than The Original? We heart Keaton, Wes and Drew, but let's just say we're super glad they didn't attempt the new 10-minute remix of the song. Daft Punk FTW. No competition.

Do you guys agree? Listen to the original, below, and sound off in the comments or by tweeting @HuffPostTeen!


Emblem3 X Factor Videos
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