Dancing is a craft we are not all lucky enough to acquire. These 10 babies, however, despite some of them not being able to walk yet, have got some serious dance skills. Skills that are guaranteed to make you laugh.

Check out these 10 adorable GIFs of babies dancing and let us know which one you think has the most ultimate dance moves in the comments section.

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  • The Cutest Deejay

    You spin me right round, baby right round.

  • The Shimmy Star

  • The Choreographers

    Synchronized and skilled.

  • The Multitasker

    Cleaning the floor in style.

  • The Pro

    He's got this dance thing down.

  • The Wild Child

    They call her 'Crazy Legs'

  • The Movers And Shakers

    The cutest dance pair ever.

  • The Groover

    This baby is moved and absolutely adorable.

  • The Car Seat Enthusiast

    Overcome with emotion and a need to dance.

  • The Beginner

    She may not have the most moves just yet, but she'll get there.