Kind Stranger Surprises Waiter With $100 Tip (PHOTO)

07/01/2013 02:36 pm ET

You don't have to change people's lives in order to make their worlds a little bit brighter.

Last night, Reddit user and restaurant waiter belfaj26 posted a photo of a very generous tip he received with the caption, "Last table of a terrible shift. The kindness of strangers still takes me by surprise."

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This is just the lastest in a string of serial tippings that aim to give waiters around the country their just rewards.

In May, Indianapolis waitress CeCe Bruce received a $446 tip from a regular for her consistently wonderful service. Another hard-working waitress got her dream vacation to Italy thanks to a $1,000 tip from a stranger. And millionaire lotto winner Bob Erb dropped a $10,000 tip on the father of a cancer patient last month.

Via Reddit

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