07/05/2013 08:38 am ET

Pool FAILS: How NOT To Be Cool This Summer (GIFS)

It may be hot and humid out, but that doesn’t mean you can just jump, dive, or swim in a pool with reckless abandon. There are rules for hanging out by the poolside that are meant to protect you. And there are rules to ensure you won’t look like an idiot. Here are those rules.

1. No diving

Imgur via reddit.

2. No throwing

ForGIFs via Giphy.

3. No cannonballing

ForGIFs via Giphy.

4. No whatever this was supposed to be

ForGIFs via Giphy.

5. No horseplay

ForGIFs via Giphy.

6. No stealing

ForGIFs via Giphy.

7. No kayaking

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8. No rafting, either

ForGIFs via Giphy.

9. Wear a damn bathing suit, you weirdo

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