07/06/2013 04:12 pm ET | Updated Jul 07, 2013

'Burton And Taylor' Trailer: Can Helena Bonham Carter Right Lindsay Lohan's Elizabeth Taylor Wrongs?

Forget Lindsay Lohan -- it's Helena Bonham Carter's turn to try to impress as Elizabeth Taylor. The queen of eccentricity marvels in the new trailer for the BBC America movie "Burton and Taylor." The clip bears a similar tone to Lohan's recent Lifetime movie "Liz & Dick," but with Bonham Carter and Dominic West in the title roles, the film has a chance to set itself apart from the disaster we saw in November. Watch for yourself and decide whether you have more hope for this depiction, which centers on the couple's 1983 revival of the Noel Coward play "Private Lives." The movie is set to premiere this fall.


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