An up-and-coming Brazilian funk artist died after being shot during a live concert in the city of Campinas in São Paulo on Saturday, July 6.

Daniel Pellegrine, better known as rapper MC Daleste, was performing at a housing project in the San Martin neighborhood when a bullet hit him in the abdomen, Billboard reported. The 20-year-old was taken to a nearby hospital and treated but died from his wounds early Sunday.

Video of the shooting was captured by a concertgoer, R7 News notes. In the video, Pellegrine can be seen performing until a shot rings out. He then falls to the floor, and others on the stage rush to his side before the screen goes black.

"We heard a noise; we thought it was a firecracker," one audience member told Good Morning Brazil, according to a Huffington Post translation. "The show continued normally. Then, there was another noise -- that's when he fell with his hand on his stomach"

"On stage ... there's bloodstains," the spectator said. "Right from the moment he was shot and fell to the floor. It gives the impression that at least two shots were fired. And from this side, it can be seen exactly from where the bullets came."

"Then everybody ran, screaming 'They hit Daleste! They killed Daleste! Someone's shooting! Someone's shooting!'" the spectator added.

Agencia EFE reported police in São Paulo have opened an investigation into the shooting of MC Daleste; they are also analyzing the video recording posted online. He will be buried Monday at Vila Formos cemetary, according to Diario do Grande ABC.

The New York Daily News notes Brazil has been grappling with violence in the region ahead of two major sporting events set to take place in the country: the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics. Last weekend, police said a soccer referee was stoned to death and beheaded by spectators in São Paulo after he fatally stabbed a player he previously expelled from the game.

The U.S. Overseas Security Advisory Council rates São Paulo as "Critical" for crime. Much of the crime in the city relates back to mobile street gangs and organized crime groups operating throughout the state.

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