Here's How To Get In Touch With The Senators Who Voted Against Lowering Student Loan Rates

07/10/2013 02:11 pm ET | Updated Jul 11, 2013

On July 1, following congressional inaction, the rates on some new loans doubled from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent. This was the first effort to reverse that spike, which is expected to hit about 7 million students returning to college in the fall with an extra $1,000 over the life of the loan. If no further action is taken to reverse the increase, the typical incoming freshman could pay about $4,000 more in interest to pay off four years' worth of subsidized Stafford loans.

Below, the Twitter and Facebook contact information of every senator who voted "nay" on the measure to lower student loan rates. (Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) also voted "nay," but did so for procedural reasons, so that he could enter a motion to reconsider the vote at a later point):

Senator Party State Vote
M001153 Lisa Murkowski R AK Nay
S001141 Jeff Sessions R AL Nay
S000320 Richard C. Shelby R AL Nay
B001236 John Boozman R AR Nay
F000444 Jeff Flake R AZ Nay
M000303 John McCain R AZ Nay
R000595 Marco Rubio R FL Nay
C000286 Saxby Chambliss R GA Nay
I000055 Johnny Isakson R GA Nay
G000386 Chuck Grassley R IA Nay
R000584 James E. Risch R ID Nay
C000880 Mike Crapo R ID Nay
K000360 Mark Kirk R IL Nay
C000542 Daniel Coats R IN Nay
M000934 Jerry Moran R KS Nay
R000307 Pat Roberts R KS Nay
M000355 Mitch McConnell R KY Nay
P000603 Rand Paul R KY Nay
V000127 David Vitter R LA Nay
K000383 Angus S. King, Jr. I ME Nay
C001035 Susan M. Collins R ME Nay
B000575 Roy Blunt R MO Nay
C000567 Thad Cochran R MS Nay
W000437 Roger F. Wicker R MS Nay
B001135 Richard Burr R NC Nay
H001061 John Hoeven R ND Nay
F000463 Deb Fischer R NE Nay
J000291 Mike Johanns R NE Nay
A000368 Kelly Ayotte R NH Nay
C001100 Jeffrey Chiesa R NJ Nay
H001041 Dean Heller R NV Nay
P000449 Rob Portman R OH Nay
C000560 Tom Coburn R OK Nay
I000024 James M. Inhofe R OK Nay
T000461 Patrick J. Toomey R PA Nay
S001184 Tim Scott R SC Nay
G000359 Lindsey Graham R SC Nay
T000250 John Thune R SD Nay
C001071 Bob Corker R TN Nay
A000360 Lamar Alexander R TN Nay
C001056 John Cornyn R TX Nay
C001098 Ted Cruz R TX Nay
L000577 Mike Lee R UT Nay
H000338 Orrin G. Hatch R UT Nay
J000293 Ron Johnson R WI Nay
M001183 Joe Manchin, III D WV Nay
B001261 John Barrasso R WY Nay
E000285 Michael B. Enzi R WY Nay

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