Johnny Depp Says He'd 'Totally' Be Honorary Mayor Of Creede, Colo. In Interview (VIDEO)

07/12/2013 03:31 am ET | Updated Jul 12, 2013

Mark this as a win for Creede.

Asked by KDVR's Chris Parente if he'd be "in" to be named honorary mayor of Creede, Depp -- who plays the masked ranger's sidekick Tonto in the film -- answers that he's "in, totally in."

“It's a very special place," said Depp. "I’ve been to a few places in my day and there is something about that, there's still I guess the possibility of a simple life there, it appears to me."

Director Gore Verbinski, Walt Disney Studios and the stars reportedly spent three weeks filming, 11 weeks of set construction and $7 million in the area, and even casted some Creede natives as extras in the flm.

"I've always adored the place," Depp said of Colorado, citing Woody Creek, Aspen and Denver. "But there was something about Creede that just got ahold of me."

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