Eliot Spitzer Meets Bill Hader On 'Leno,' Awkwardness Ensues (VIDEO)

07/15/2013 12:42 pm ET

Eliot Spitzer's incredibly awkward Leno interview on Friday made headlines for its palpable awkwardness, but before Jay asked him how he could be so stupid for soliciting prostitutes while cracking down on people who did the same, the New York comptroller candidate exchanged a moment with his former "SNL" doppelganger, Bill Hader.

Hader used to lampoon Spitzer when he co-hosted CNN's "Parker/Spitzer," and he recounted the story of the first time he met the disgraced former governor.

"You were shaking and quivering when I approached you," Spitzer said, after Leno rolled a clip of Hader's impression.

"I'm shaking and quivering now!" Hader shot back.

Check out the clip above to see why Spitzer questioned aloud why he accepted the invitation to be on the show.

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