Fan Runs Onto Field At MLB All-Star Game After Getting 1,000 Retweets, Gets Tackled (VIDEO)

07/16/2013 11:38 pm ET | Updated Jul 17, 2013

A man wearing a Robinson Cano shirt decided that it would be a great idea to run onto the field in the middle of the MLB All-Star Game Tuesday night -- but only if he got enough encouragement from Twitter.

The Yankees fan, who goes by the Twitter handle @MasoneDylan, offered to attempt the stunt earlier in the evening if he got 1,000 retweets.

His mother also apparently got wind of his intentions, and she wasn't too thrilled:

Despite her warnings, the man ran onto the field and made it past second base before security slammed him into the ground and escorted him from the premises, according to

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(h/t Deadspin)

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