11 Glaringly Obvious Civil War Anachronisms (PHOTOS)

07/17/2013 08:33 am 08:33:13 | Updated Jul 17, 2013

You think you've got a historically accurate reenactment of the Civil War and then BAM! Anachronism in your face. Check out all the modern technology that slips into historical battles.

"Can I call you back? I'm kind of in the middle of the Civil War. No you hang up." phone

"These are going directly on my Confederate street style blog, The Fab Badge Of Courage." camera

"Next person doing a Lincoln impression loses walkie talkie privileges." walkie talkie

"Quick, tweet that guy's beard. #preservingtheunion #uknowuatgettysburgwhen" sheltering

"Ugh, General Lee's Instagram is all selfies. Yes, with duck face." cameras

"I'm just waiting to capture the perfect cavalry FAIL." camera

"Great, another Clara Barton photobomb." woman camera

"If you think we're fitting a Howitzer into your Hyundai, you're out of your mind." cars

"If all the Johnny cakes are gone before I get back, sh*t's gonna get real." water bottles

"No, we're not stopping again, Jasper." port a potties

"If General Longstreet took my parking spot, I swear to God." soldiers in car

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