Zoe Saldana Shares Favorite Sex Position On Web Series (VIDEO)

07/18/2013 08:33 am ET | Updated Jul 28, 2014

By Michael Lopez


She may be behind some family-friendly blockbusters, but Zoe Saldana still has a kinky side. In a recent interview, the Latina Avatar star dished on some pretty intimate sex secrets.

Saldana appeared on the web series The Conversation With Amanda de Cadenet, and did not hold back when grilled about her bedroom preferences.

“If I'm on top, if I'm straddling...why am I stuttering? It's so f**king natural!” Zoe revealed. “For a long time I was a bit lazy so I didn’t like to be on top, but I’m really digging it.”

And we’re sure the viral audience was “really digging” the interview too. At this rate, we can’t wait to see who de Cadenet has on next!

Zoe Saldaña: 2013
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