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'Doctor Who' At Comic-Con: Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, Steven Moffat Tease What's Ahead

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SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 20: (L-R) Actress Jenna Coleman, actor Matt Smith, and writer Steven Moffat attend day 3 of the WIRED Cafe at Comic-Con on July 20, 2013 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Michael Kovac/WireImage) | Getty

The TARDIS landed in San Diego for the "Doctor Who" Comic-Con panel.

Outgoing series star Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman and "Doctor Who" showrunner Steven Moffat were on hand for the panel. Keep up with the latest from the "Doctor Who" Comic-Con panel with the liveblog below.

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And that's a wrap on the 50th anniversary "Doctor Who" Comic-Con panel.

To play us off, they show the "Doctor Who" song/video that Craig Ferguson he did for his show some time ago.

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In writing for the show, does he ever think he's gone too far, Ferguson asks?

"Yes, and then we put it on television," Moffat said.

Ferguson said that the Weeping Angels truly scare him on a deep level.

"It's supposed to be scary," Moffat said. That's how kids want the show, he adds. "When I was a kid, I was proper terrified of 'Doctor Who.'"

They don't do gore and blood, however; that's not really the style of the show, according to Wilson and Moffat.

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Moffat has a Weeping Angel statue in his garden. They thought it would be funny to put it in his neighbor's garden and have Matt knock on the neighbor's door. They did not do that, though, "because that would be weird," Smith said.

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Favorite River Song moments?

"I love the scene in her prison and I'm walk back and she kisses me. She's brilliant in it, she's just so flowery anc camp and wonderful," Smith says.

"I loved the farewell [between them]," Moffat said. "It wasn't really noted at the time but "it's the first time we see the Doctor kiss someone -- not get kissed, but take someone" and really go after kissing them in a real way.

He also likes the moment in "Day of the Moon" where he's saying "Shut up" and she says, "Make me." "The Doctor is so bad at flirting," Moffat said with a laugh.

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A fan has made a jacket out of 11 different Comic-Con swag bags and asks Matt to sign it, which he does.

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Does Moffat think about the audience when writing the show, Ferguson asks.

"The only way to write anything is to write it for yourself," Moffat says. "It's witless and completely pointless to try to think of what other people would like."

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If each of you could take the TARDIS back in time to a moment in their lives, what would it be and why? It's a great question but the panelists understandably deflect it, because those moments tend to be quite personal.

As Smith said, "Some things I can say in a room of seven thousand people and some things I can't."

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Fans asking questions are thanking Smith and everyone else on stage before asking questions.

There's a good fan question: Who would Smith like to play if not the Doctor?

"The Master," Smith said.

"Strax," Coleman said. "You're not tall enough," Moffat joked.

I'd want to be the Doctor. That's what I've dreamed all my life," Moffat said.

"I'd to have been Jo Grant," Gatiss said.

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They're all recalling favorite moments and Gatiss said he loved having Diana Rigg in one of his episodes. His favorite moment was her pulling back her dress to reveal an alien parasite on her body. "That's something I never thought I'd see on British television," Gatiss said.

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Smith was wandering around outside the convention and saw a couple cosplaying the Doctor and Clara. Smith told him he liked his costume and the guy was indifferent, "Eh, thanks." Then the woman with "the Doctor" tapped him on the shoulder and said, "That's Matt Smith!" and then the guy was very excited.

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How come Captain Jack Harkness - John Barrowman's character - is not in the 50th anniversary special?

Don't presume to know what's in the special, Moffat said. He said he's been "lying his ass off for months" about what is in it, so anything could be in it -- including Captain Jack. But only if there's a good story for him. Moffat does note that it has to be a good story for Jack. Basically, there's no way to know who is and isn't in the special (except we saw Billie Piper in the clip earlier).

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The great thing about the Doctor is that "he's every age," Moffat explains -- he's a child, a grumpy old bore, a middle-aged man, etc. "What Matt has done best is combine the old man and the child," Moffat said. "He doesn't know he's the hero. He'd be surprised to find that out. He thinks he's just larking about. He's a big kid and an old man at the same time, and we love him."

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Americans want The Doctor Who Experience, an exhibit of props and sets from the show. I've actually been to the Experience and it's really fun for fans.

There are no plans to bring it to America, but Smith suggests fans come to Cardiff, Wales, to visit it. It's a nice place but "it rains a lot," he noted.

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Does Moffat like doing "historicals," i.e. episodes set in a real time in Earth's past. "I usually get other writers to do those because they involve research," Moffat said, but noted he has done a couple set in the past.

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In response to a fan question about shooting in America, Smith says, "I really want to shoot the

Christmas special in America." Moffat shoots that idea down.

Mark Gatiss has had a great idea for a show set in America: "I think there should be an alien invasion at Comic-Con."

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Footage is shown from the upcoming "Doctor Who" special in which Smith and Tennant both play the Doctor. They have several funny moments in which they admire each other's glasses and generally goof on each other a bit.

There are also glimpses of Rose Tyler and lots of explosions and running, of course.

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Ferguson speaks of the "friendly, unresolved sexual tension" between the Doctor and the companions. Smith notes that it all depends on which actor is playing the Doctor.

"If you look at Dave he's more swashbuckling with the ladies while" his doctor is more flummoxed, Smith said.

"He's a bit asexual really," Coleman said. "Sometimes" she adds.

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Moffat is notoriously tight-lipped about what's to come on the show, but he did say that "there are certain things we've been setting up for a very long time and they will be resolving in the 50th anniversary" special," Moffat said.

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For "An Adventure in Time and Space," which tells the story of how "Doctor Who" came to be made by the BBC, the production used some of the same props -- pillars, to be exact -- that were used on the original set. They even had one of the cameras that were used back then.

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"For some reason, the wedding invitations have dried up," Bradley noted.

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Bradley also appears on another show, and Ferguson notes that a lot of "Game of Thrones" fans don't have positive feelings about his character, Lord Walder Frey.

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Bradley, who plays the first Doctor, William Hartnell, in "Adventure," has been a fan since the show began in 1963. "It was just like, every Saturday evening, that's what you did. I wasn't in my teens, I was 20. The pub had to wait," Bradley said.

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"I was two when it started, so it would have been a surprise choice," Moffat jokes. "You just feel unbelievably excited ... You just think, I get to do 'Doctor Who'! Even if you do it badly, how cool is that?"

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Ferguson asks Moffat if he had a great sense of responsibility when he began, given that he hasn't been working on this his whole life?

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There's another compilation clip, this one more focused on the Matt Smith seasons. It ends with the reveal of John Hurt at the end of the most recent season.

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Then Jenna-Louise Coleman and Matt Smith come out to giant screams.

Ferguson says to Coleman, "Welcome to a life of being followed around by creepy people like me."

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Ferguson introduces the panelists -- producer Marcus Wilson, "Doctor Who" writer Mark Gatiss, David Bradley, who stars in the upcoming "Doctor Who" special "An Adventure in Time and Space," and executive producer Steven Moffat (or as he's known in Ferguson's house, "the bast*rd who killed Amy and Rory.")

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"The people waiting for the 'Sons of Anarchy' panel are very confused right now," Ferguson adds.

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