07/24/2013 10:52 am ET

Durian Wine May Not Be As Gross As The Fruit Itself (VIDEO)


Familiar with durian? Take a stroll down the crowded streets of the Chinatowns in New York City or San Francisco and you'll see the large fruit, spiky and yellow, piled high in busy produce stalls. Durian is called the "king of fruits" in Southeast Asia, but it's reviled as much as it's revered for its polarizing, pungent scent, which some liken to the smell of raw sewage.

That hasn't deterred scientists in Singapore from transforming the unique fruit into wine. In the below video, researchers Christine Lee and Fransisca Taniasuri at the University of Singapore explain how it's made and why people should drink it.

The wine has not yet been approved for commercial production, but once it is, Lee and Taniasuri are confident that even durian-haters will enjoy it.

"For the non-durian lovers, actually after the fermentation, the pungent smell, the repulsive smell of durian is reduced so actually they will dare to try," said Taniasuri.



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