07/24/2013 02:32 pm ET Updated Jul 26, 2013

Hal Lasko, Partially Blind 97-Year-Old, Uses Microsoft Paint To Make Masterpieces (VIDEO)

When Hal Lasko lost a majority of his eyesight, he thought his painting days were over.

But the 97-year-old typographer, who is also legally deaf, has found a unique way to make masterpieces -- using Microsoft Paint.

In 2005, a wet macular degeneration took away most of Lasko's eyesight, his website states. Instead of letting his talents be wasted, though, he realized that MS Paint -- and in particular a version he'd found 15 years ago -- could help him continue to paint. The software allows him to zoom in on pixels.

In the video above by Josh Bogdan, "The Pixel Painter," you will be overwhelmed by Lasko's determination and artistic ability.

H/T Mashable