The only thing better than watching mascots fight is watching them settle their differences through dance.

If you want to skip the fight, jump right to :55 to see the sweet dance moves.

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  • Contemplating

    Should I drink tonight?

  • Starting It Out Fancy

    "Maybe I'll just drink a little."

  • Getting The Night Started

    "Do not even think about touching my Smirnoff."

  • Starting To Get Tipsy

    "Oh wow, that hit me fast."

  • Loving Life!

    "This is living."

  • Beer Is Bitter

    "Ugh, you gotta do what you gotta do."

  • Just A Sip

    "I'm saving some for later."

  • Let's Get Crazy

    "I can do anything."

  • So Happy

    "I seriously love all of you guys."

  • Feeling Silly

    "Look at my faces."

  • OhMyGod

    "Let's go crazy guys!"

  • Look At This Tennis Ball

    "Guys, seriously. Look at this tennis ball."

  • I'm So Pumped

    "Life is great!"

  • What Is This?

    "Seriously, what is this? I love it."

  • Is The Room Spinning

    "Guys seriously, is this room spinning?"

  • Just Kidding, Rallying

    "Shots shots shots!"

  • Feeling Good

    "So everything is working out now."

  • Just Kidding

    I can't make it through.

  • I'm Done

    "I can't do it anymore guys."

  • Tired Cat

    "Seriously, go on without me!"

  • I Can't Do It

    "Why did you let me take eight shots? Why? Why?"

  • I Have To Get Some Stuff Done

    "Guys, just go on without me. Seriously. I'm gonna send some thank-you cards. Don't even worry about me."

  • More Alcohol

    "No I couldn't have any more. No."

  • Hoarding The Booze

    "Ok, just a little more."

  • Don't Help Me

    "Don't Help, I can lift the bottle by myself."

  • Keep Going

    "Where'd my bottle go?"

  • The Party Don't Stop

    "Happy New Year!... Don't even talk to me."

  • Life Is Rough

    "I should call her right? I should just call her!"

  • This Is Gonna Hurt Me

    "This will hurt me more than it hurts you."

  • Oh No!

    "Why? WHY?????"

  • Done!

    "I"m just done. I can't make it up the stairs."

  • Cigarette Too

    "Just like one smoke. It's ok, I'm drunk. Don't stop me."

  • In The Streets

    "This is getting embarrassing."

  • Evidence

    "I'll do what I want."

  • Stretch

    "No, I can't make it to my bed."

  • Peaceful

    "If I close my eyes my head doesn't spin as much."

  • Open Mouth

    "No, you shut up."

  • Tired Dog

    "Oh man guys, let's never do that again."

  • We're Done

    "So when's the party tomorrow?"