07/26/2013 11:11 am ET

Winnie Rose Fallon Makes Her Debut In An Adorable GIF Because, Obviously (PHOTOS)

In his first monologue after becoming a dad to daughter Winnie Rose, Jimmy Fallon said he now he understands why people are on Facebook. "I get it now, I get it. You go, 'Oh, that's why these pictures exist!' I'm showing strangers pictures going, 'Wanna see my baby? Wanna see my baby?'" he joked. Only he did not show us a photo of little Winnie. It was very sad.

And then, last night, he came through by posting one of the sweetest first photos we've seen on Instagram.

The real gem, however, was a follow-up tweet that linked to an animated baby announcement on the "Late Night" Tumblr.


In case you're keeping count at home, that makes two famous newborns waving at us in one week.

Naturally, our response to both Winnie Rose and George Alexander Louis (or the "other baby," as Jimmy called him) is: "Hi, babies!"


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